Big Pharma vaccine billionaire just bought the LA Times… yet another example of the media being run by pharma

The latest example of Big Pharma taking over the media is the purchase of the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Tribune for $500 million by Big Pharma billionaire Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong. Instead of paying for advertisements, pharma billionaires have decided to just buy the publications outright so they can control the entire publication. All the journalists here are now officially bought; these publications should officially be recognized as propaganda rags from now on.

With the LA Times and San Diego Tribune now under the control of Big Pharma’s interests, these publications will more easily pump out propaganda for vaccines and new drugs, while suppressing reports about vaccine damage, links between psychiatric drugs and violence, and other important stories about the dangers of modern medicine. With Pharma’s grip on these publications, there will be no reports on how people cured cancer without chemotherapy. There will be no stories explaining how young girls are dying after being injected with the Gardasil vaccine. There will be no investigative journalism for issues pertaining to medicine. This media takeover is the perfect way to shape public opinion, to ultimately protect pharmaceutical companies from assuming liability when their products damage lives.

Shiong made his $7.5 billion fortune buying and selling two biopharmaceutical companies. His mission includes providing cancer treatments and developing vaccinations. Not surprisingly, Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong already wants to use the publications for eradicating “fake news.” In an editorial to readers, he wrote, “I believe that fake news is the cancer of our times and social media the vehicles for metastasis. Institutions like The Times and the Union-Tribune are more vital than ever.” He also promised journalistic integrity and independence – a funny contradiction.

Soon to become the chairman of the California News Group, this pharma installment will likely do whatever it takes to mock and ignore the protests against mandatory vaccination in California. These parents’ concerns about SB-277, a law that mandates kids to be vaccinated for school, will not be heard. Their children’s vaccine injuries can always be derided as “fake news.” Measles and mumps outbreaks, caused by viral shedding due to vaccinations, can always be blamed on the unvaccinated, because any truth that threatens holy vaccine science can always be written off as “fake news.”

The information war and the four kinds of fake news

As the information war continues and the popularity of the term “fake news” grows, there seems to be four different definitions of fake news.

The first kind of fake news is news that doesn’t align with our worldview or education background. Any news that contradicts our deepest held beliefs can easily be called “fake news” because it’s something we don’t want to hear. It’s something we don’t want to reason with or understand. We label news “fake” to appease our cognitive dissonance. Much of the “fake news” that Facebook wants to eliminate is actually information that challenges the leftist worldview of Silicon Valley employees, their associates, sponsors, and business interests.

The second kind of fake news is news that is deliberately biased, designed to manipulate readers’ emotions and perspectives about a particular person or idea. This method of fake news is cunning and strategic, and allows people in power to influence popular thought. This fake news comes in the form of hit pieces that target people who challenge the status quo. This method of fake news can also be used to disparage, create doubt, and invoke negative feelings by manipulating the language and context of a news story. President Trump has called out this kind of “fake news” at CNN and the Washington Post. Trump is bringing attention to hit pieces that are designed to invoke negative feelings about him, his accomplishments and ideas.

The third kind of fake news is actual propaganda, disguised as a legitimate news story. This kind of fake news is actual fake news. It is used to carry out an agenda, to sell people on something, to twist history and facts to get people to buy into something. Big Pharma, which owns 95 percent of the mainstream media, uses the news to create disease scares, to promote vaccines, to get people to think they are genetically doomed and deficient in medication. The masses follow this propaganda, believing it to be scientific and grounded in facts, but most of it is just emotional manipulation.

The fourth kind of fake news is the news that “they” don’t want you to hear, read, or see. This news is called fake, but is usually the most honest and true. Entities such as Facebook claim they want to do away with ‘fake news’ – only so they can promote propaganda, unity, and ideas that they want everyone to believe. Facebook, working with the Associated Press and ABC News (all owned by Big Pharma) are trying to weed out “fake news” from their social media platform. Most people see through this ministry of propaganda. According to Facebook’s own experiments, people are more willing to check out stories that have been disputed and labeled “fake news.”

Nevertheless, pharmaceutical companies and their executives are jumping on board with Facebook’s plan to eliminate “fake news” behind the scenes because they want to eliminate opposing thought and facts, to ultimately promote their business agendas and save their products from being taken off the market. By eliminating “fake news” they can better promote the news they want people to hear – propaganda that supports their visions and information that keeps them from assuming liability for the damage their drugs cause.

The LA Times and San Diego Tribune, now owned by Big Pharma, will be trying to do the same – get rid of the “fake news” – the kind of news that may actually be… the real news.

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